Doug Dobell’s Music Store, London

News of last month’s Music Festival celebrating ‘Record Store Day’ in London put me in a mood of reverie today after playing ‘Jazz Me Blues’ by Eddie Condon on Encore 96.3fm. I’m wondering what happened to our good friend from so many years past – Johnny Kendall.

John was manager of the Secondhand Record Department of Doug Dobell’s Music Shop in London’s Charing Cross Road in the ‘50s, but in his usual self-effacing way always referred to himself as “the secondhand manager”. The title seemed to match his well-worn hooded duffle coat with the baggy pockets – the unofficial uniform of all trad fans in those days.

He played trombone and my husband Terry played trumpet when they first met in the ‘Marsh Street Stompers’. I recall the time I cleaned and polished up his old battered trombone for him. He was so delighted that he immediately varnished it and stood it on his bedroom windowsill to dry. Unfortunately his mother’s curtains brushed against it in the breeze, and he acquired “the only chenille covered trombone in the world”!

Terry & John Kendall

Terry on trumpet with John Kendall on trombone

John was a fount of information about the jazz world; he made many trips to the US and brought back lots of LPs which we’d listen to intently, sat on the floor around his record player watching every revolution of the disc and lapping up every riff, lick and break coming from it. John would pre-empt certain phrases, excitedly pointing them out to us with an uplifted finger and a huge joyous beam breaking across his face. Every Christmas he’d receive a card from Eddie Condon.

He married Teresa, who photographed our wedding, and we lost touch when we left London for the sunnier climes of Australia.
 Some small news has filtered through to us – that John died and Teresa married John Chilton – I recall a gig in Queensland in the 80’s by George Melly and the “John Chilton Feetwarmers”. When we went backstage to talk with George, it never occurred to us then that Teresa may have been with them on that tour.

We’ve never known what happened to John, but according to the many comments about him in the record shop memoirs he proved a very popular ambassador for jazz in London and a great salesman for secondhand jazz records.

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz May Newsletter 28

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz May Newsletter 28 Cover‘Bundaberg Jazz Waves’ – May edition out now:

  • “Generations in Jazz”
  • Next month’s gig;
  • Poster to forward to friends;
  • May jazz birthdays; video,
  • News of festivals and jazz events;
  • Local jazz interest.

Stay well, travel safely, and …keep swinging!!

“… the best is yet to come, won’t it be f-i-i-ine !”

Bundaberg Jazz Waves Newsletter 28 May 2015 (right-click & choose ‘save as’).

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz March Newsletter 26

March Newsletter 25 CoverGreetings Jazz fans!

Please open your steaming hot, brand-new one-page newsletter for March: Bundaberg Jazz Waves Newsletter 26 March 2015 (right-click & choose ‘save as’).

Inside you’ll find:

  • Revelations about “Swing Alive”
  • Tension building for “A Touch of Blue” (See the ‘Coming Soon’ page for the flier)
  • Video of “Mumbles”
  • Radio Days

Thanks everyone, keep swinging –  “..the best is yet to come …..”

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz February Newsletter 25

Keep Calm Keep Cool and Keep SwingingGreetings Jazz-lovers.

Please open your Bundaberg Jazz Waves Newsletter 25 February 2015 for news of Galapagos Duck and future events; jazz news, birthdays, quotes, jokes and photos.

Visit the Coming Soon page and download the flier for the up coming Swing Alive gig and please pass it on to friends or print and place in your neighbourhood shops, halls, clinics, etc.

Keep cool, keep calm and…keep swinging !!

Good Time Jazz Moves to a New Wavelength

radio mixing deskIt was time for a change !

“GOOD TIME JAZZ” hosted by Valerie Brown is now broadcast on Bundaberg’s newest community radio station, every Saturday at 12 noon.

“ENCORE 96.3fm”

Playing mostly UK and Australian Jazz tracks, along with the latest vocalists, news, views and interviews, Val will keep you up-to-date with local jazz events.

“ENCORE 96.3fm” plays a fair bit of jazz from other presenters, too, as their motto is “Music We Grew Up With” which, of course, covers the swing era and popular vocalists of the 40s and 50s in a mix of vintage rock, country classics, ethnic favourites, blues and popular classics.

Appealing mainly to the seniors in our community, listeners enjoy the more talented instrumentalists of yesteryear and the popular feet-tapping tunes we used to dance to. There are millions of memories in a day’s broadcasting – musical reveries to bring back those carefree moments when we were young.

“ENCORE 96.3fm” broadcasts daily from Bundaberg CBD as far south as Hervey Bay and north to Agnes Waters. “ENCORE 96.3fm” is still in its infancy and needs encouragement from listeners and sponsors, as well as more volunteer presenters to share their music with an increasing audience of tasteful discernment.
More information from the Secretary (07) 4151 8130

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz December Newsletter 24

Galapagos Duck flierGreetings Jazz-fans!
The last Newsletter for the year is now out: Bundaberg Friends of Jazz December Newsletter 24.

Galapagos Duck returns to Bundaberg 31st January 2015 – Bookings taken on 4159 1457 and 4151 7996.
Latest news inside for your Christmas enjoyment:

  • Precis of past year’s activities and bands;
  • Photos of November bands;
  • News of Norfolk Island Expedition
  • First bands booked for 2015

Our Christmas wishes for you from the committee
Cate, Judy and Val.