Accommodation Discounts for Galapagos Duck Attendees

Galapagos Duck FlierWe’re excited to have Galapagos Duck return for another performance at the Bundaberg Jazz Club on Thursday 18th of February at 7pm.

For those of you who are traveling to Bundaberg for the event we have a Motel discount offer at the Econo Lodge Park Lane Motel at 247 Bourbong street, Bundaberg.

Contact Katie on 07 41512341 for details.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz: February Newsletter 36

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz February Newsletter 36

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Greetings Jazz followers and Media and Musician Friends:

We respectfully invite you to spread the word around about our exciting jazz program outlined in the February 2016 Newsletter of Bundaberg Friends of JazzFuture bookings are firm up to and including June, except for the April withdrawal of a group from N.Z.

It looks like being a good year for Jazz and we invite you to join us.

Many thanks for your support thus far – it is much appreciated.

Val, Cate and Judy

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz: January Newsletter 35

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz January Newsletter 35

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Greetings Jazz enthusiasts!
Welcome back to Jazz! We’ve some good groups lined up for your entertainment, and we’re already taking bookings for our first:- “Galapagos Duck”.

Details are in the latest edition of the Bundaberg Friends of Jazz Newsletter. Please share with all your jazz-loving friends.

See you there! Don’t forget to let us know you’re coming.

Val, Cate and Judy

Last Event of the Year: Swing Alive!

Greetings Jazz enthusiasts!

Don’t miss our last meeting of the year!
Swing Alive November 2015

Lots of fun, prizes and surprises!

We re-open on the 18th of February 2016 with Galapagos Duck.

Last Word from Flanagan & Allen:
“Are you havin’ any fun?
What you gettin’ out of living?
What good is what you’ve got
If you’re not havin’ any fun…”

(Music by Jack Yellen, words by Sammy Fain.)

Cate, Judy and Valerie
Bundaberg Friends of Jazz

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz: November Newsletter 34

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz November Newsletter 34Greetings, Jazz Enthusiasts,

Please Please open the Newsletter (or download by right-clicking and selecting ‘save as) for latest jazz news and:

  • Review of “Tea for Two”;
  • “Time 4 Harmony”;
  • Friends of Jazz;
  • News of November event (…. with some surprises) and more.
  • (This month it was hard going for me – we really need a Publicity/Promotions Person –any volunteers, please?)

Thanks to May who has taken on some of the “footwork” to get our posters out – would you believe some people still don’t know Bundaberg has its own JAZZ CLUB ? !!!

We need somebody to get our newsletter into shape or take on the Facebook page.  It would give me more time and brain-space  to sort out the bands.

Anyone interested?  Please phone me on 4151 7996 or Contact me via the website.

Until next time …..“come to the cabaret, old chum, come to the cab..a..ray”


Val, Judy and Cate.

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz: October Newsletter 33

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz: October Newsletter 33Greetings, Jazz Friends –
Please open the Newsletter to discover the jazz delights therein:
Re-live the excitement of a September Sunday afternoon;
Experience the anticipation of October’s event;
Learn about Jazz broadcasting;
Review of a Free Annual Fathers’ Day Festival;
Partake in a musical Quiz;
Catch up on members’ news.

Read it all here: Bundaberg-Friends-of-Jazz-October-Newsletter-33

Keep up to date on Facebook: Bundaberg Jazz Club.

Please share your jazz-loving friends.
Here’s hoping!~….”into each life some rain must fall …..”

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz: September Newsletter 32

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz September Newsletter 32Greetings Jazz Enthusiasts!

The Bundaberg Friends of Jazz September Newsletter 32 is out!

This month’s newsletter includes:

  • News of September event;
  • review of Dan Papirany Trio;
  • Radio times; Festivals;

Also, see the Events page for the upcoming Stuart Wadham Trio gig!

Please download the flier and share with your jazz-loving friends, or print and display in your neighbourhood meeting places and markets.

We really appreciate your help to keep live jazz alive in Bundaberg!

“Keep swinging – keep singing !”

From the Committee – Judy, Cate and Val.

If you’re like us and you like us, please “like” us!

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz: August Newsletter 31

Bundaberg Friends of Jazz August Newsletter 31

Greetings, Jazz enthusiasts:
What a wonderful afternoon we had with Johnny Nicol and the Alan Burge Trio!
Read all about it in the attached newsletter, plus news of our August event, and the passing of Bob Smith, Bundaberg’s well-loved jazz drummer.

A sparse newsletter this month due to PC problems, but will make up for it later.

Download the Bundaberg Friends of Jazz August Newsletter 31

Also visit our Facebook – Bundaberg Jazz Club.

Keep safe and warm.

Special welcome to our new ‘friends of jazz’ “You came along …from out of nowhere…”